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Love usually leads to trouble.

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"We tell stories. It takes titanium and aluminum and steel and glass and lasers to do one thing, to impart feeling, that’s all we do, to strangers. We want to impart that feeling for everyone in the audience at the exact same time. That’s the magic of cinema. But it takes all of those pieces of technology to deliver this thing and you want it all in service of that moment… I remember being nine years old and watching "Rear Window" with my dad and Raymond Burr walks out in the middle of the night with a suitcase and I’m nine years old and I said, “He killed her and cut her up.” And I look back at that and think, “How the fuck did I get that idea?” That’s cinema. Cinema is when you put an idea in somebody else’s head. Or you put an idea in 700 people’s heads at the same time."

-David Fincher

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I feel sick and emotional 

I feel sick and emotional 

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Girls shotgunning beers

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Kim & North at the Givenchy SS15 RTW RTW show in Paris 9/28/14

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From a Japanese CC commercial

Rina Takeda

Studying karate since she was ten, Rina is black belt in Ryukyu Shorin-ryu Karate.

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